"SR Green Jazz"

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SR Green Jazz
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  • SR Green Jazz
  • 3rd class compartment in coach 1098 at the Bluebell Railway
  • 3rd class seatback for coach 1098  at the Bluebell Railway

"SR Green Jazz"

Product Specifications:

Product ID N01
Era The Big Four: 1923 - 1947
Used In 3rd class Compartments and Open Saloons.
Roll Size 4'2" W × 80'5" L (1.27m × 24.5m) approx.
Pattern Repeat ? 12” W × 12 ¾” H (30.48cm × 32.38cm)
Pile Formation Cut Pile
Availability Special Order. Please enquire for details


Pattern Repeat:

Our fabrics feature repeating patterns.

Pattern Repeat specifies the size of one motif of the pattern, measured both vertically and horizontaly.

Often used to assess how much material may be needed.

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In the 1930’s all of the Big Four railway companies tried hard to give their passenger services a sleek, modern image, and in terms of interior design, this led to an enthusiastic embrace of all things Art Deco.

Many fabric designs were produced, and they are collectively referred to as “Jazz” patterns. This one emanated from the Southern Railway around 1935.