"Red Snapdragon"

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Red Snapdragon
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  • Red Snapdragon
  • Red Snapdragon - on the roll, showing full pattern repeat
  • 3rd class compartment in coach 536 at the Didcot Railway Centre

"Red Snapdragon"

Product Specifications:

Product ID Q01
Era The Big Four: 1923 - 1947
Used In 3rd class Compartments and Open Saloons.
Roll Size 4'2" W × 80'5" L (1.27m × 24.5m) approx.
Pattern Repeat ? 6” W × 6 ½” H (15.24cm × 16.51cm)
Pile Formation Textured Pile
Availability In Stock (By the Roll, By the Metre)


Pattern Repeat:

Our fabrics feature repeating patterns.

Pattern Repeat specifies the size of one motif of the pattern, measured both vertically and horizontaly.

Often used to assess how much material may be needed.

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This was one of the final designs produced by the Great Western Railway, appearing in 1947 but also featuring in a number of GW designed coaches which were built early in the British Railways era.

Originally there were two versions, one with a red background and one with blue. The red version appeared in smoking compartments and saloons and was thus by far the more widely used, and is the version we offer here.