"Horsechestnut Leaf"

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Horsechestnut Leaf
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  • Horsechestnut Leaf
  • 1st class saloon in coach 3064 at the Bluebell Railway
  • 1st class compartment in coach 21184 at the Great Central Railway
  • 1st class saloon in coach 3064 at the Bluebell Railway

"Horsechestnut Leaf"

Product Specifications:

Product ID C01
Era British Railways: 1948 - 1964
Used In 1st class Compartments and Saloons. Dining Chairs
Roll Size 4'2" W × 80'5" L (1.27m × 24.5m) approx.
Pattern Repeat ? 6 ¼” W × 6 ¼” H (15.87cm × 15.87cm)
Pile Formation Cut Pile
Availability In Stock (By the Roll, By the Metre)


Pattern Repeat:

Our fabrics feature repeating patterns.

Pattern Repeat specifies the size of one motif of the pattern, measured both vertically and horizontaly.

Often used to assess how much material may be needed.

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This is one of the “Festival of Britain” group of designs, first introduced in 1951 for the new range of British Railways Standard coaches (later to be known as the “Mark 1” fleet). A mock up of two compartments, one first class, and one third class, were constructed in railway workshops and were displayed at the Festival exhibition site on the South Bank, near Waterloo station.

These mock-ups, one of which features the “Horsechestnut Leaf” design, still exist today in the National Railway Museum collection, although not currently on display.