"Charcoal Check"

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Charcoal Check
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  • Charcoal Check
  • 1st class compartment in coach 60828 at the Lavender Line
  • 1st class compartment in coach 60828 at the Lavender line

"Charcoal Check"

Product Specifications:

Product ID T01
Era British Rail: 1965 - 1982
Used In 1st class Compartments
Roll Size 4'2" W × 80'5" L (1.27m × 24.5m) approx.
Pattern Repeat ? 1 ¼” W × 1” H (3.175cm × 2.54cm)
Pile Formation Textured Pile
Availability In Stock (By the Roll, By the Metre)


Pattern Repeat:

Our fabrics feature repeating patterns.

Pattern Repeat specifies the size of one motif of the pattern, measured both vertically and horizontaly.

Often used to assess how much material may be needed.

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"Charcoal Check" was introduced in 1967, first appearing in the brand new Mk. 2 coaches which were being introduced by British Rail at this time. Like its contemporary “Trojan”, this design had a long service life, during which it was subject to subtle alterations. We offer the later version, in which the light grey bands are slightly more prominent than in the original.

For many years after it ceased to be specified for passenger use, it became the standard design for upholstering the seats in locomotives and multiple unit cabs – perhaps because it was very good at hiding the dirt!