Authentic period upholstery fabrics for heritage transport applications.

Torrington Coastal Restorations was formed in 2012 to support the transport preservation movement by making authentic fabrics from the golden age of travel available for projects of all sizes. We supply seating fabric for rail vehicle restoration, as well as small and large media and interior design projects.

Seats and their coverings are the most noticeable part of the interior of any transport vehicle, and the various styles and designs that have been used offer a fascinating journey through the fashions that have come and gone in the 175 years since the expanding railway network made travel affordable by all.

Our fabrics are recreated from clean, non-faded samples of original material, and are woven using a traditional wool/nylon mix, giving excellent durability and flammability characteristics. All our fabrics comply with UK Safety Regulations.

A wide range of designs has been revived since we commenced operations, and these are displayed in our Catalogue section. The most popular designs are held regularly in stock, and can be supplied in quantities as small as one standard roll (1.27 metres wide × 24 metres approx).

The availability of other designs varies according to customer demand. For the current stockholding of specific designs, and for all other enquiries, please get in touch using one of the methods shown on our contact page or email us directly at

Our fabrics are manufactured by Camira Ltd. (formerly John Holdsworth Ltd.) a company which opened its first mill in 1822, and which has been manufacturing moquette for rail and road applications since the middle of the 19th Century.